#1 DEX on Heli Chain from The HelioX

HelioX Exchange is a one-stop decentralized trading platform that operates in a decentralized manner on the HELI blockchain. It provides a secure, scalable, and decentralized environment where traders, developers, and liquidity providers can participate in open and secure market activities.

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Low Gas Fee on HelioX

The HelioX Exchange is a decentralized platform that allows for token swaps and pools with significantly lower gas fees, using a low gas protocol. The gas fees are typically 2 to 3 times lower than other protocols.

Earn passive income with your crypto

The HelioX Exchange simplifies the process of using your cryptocurrency to earn profits

Token Use Case


Participate in decentralized finance activities

Token Burn

10% of the trading fee is used to buy and burn token

Staking Rewards

Earn staking rewards from trading fees on HelioX Exchange


Participate in HelioX Governance.

Liquidity Mining

Mine $HELX tokens when you trade on HelioX Exchange

Fees Discount

$HELX tokens holders save gas fees and trading fees.

Supported By Heli Chain

HelioX Exchange aims to simplify the process of engaging in the DeFi world.Making it easier for users to participate in decentralized finance activities

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1st DEX on Heli Chain

in the last 30days

96 thousand users

in the last 30days

$4 million staked

in the last 30days

233 thousand trades

in the last 30days

Get your HelioX on your finance

The HelioX token serves as the central component of the HelioX ecosystem, controlling all HelioX products, features. You can purchase the token, cultivate it, use it to make purchases, stake it to earn rewards, borrow it, and even use it to vote.